Kamana Academy is a private institution that it is approved to operate by the Bureau. The approval to operate means that the institution meets minimum state standards. Our mission is to provide student’s access to Massage Therapy programs with training that is both comprehensive and professional. Working with our students, we emphasize how to be successful by providing professional services with integrity and with the highest level of skill possible. This approach, driven by a structured course curriculum and hands on training, ensures that our students are well equipped to enter into a career in health care and career massage professionals. Part of our mission is to convey to students the importance of continuing education.


• Massage Theory and Technique – Instructors demonstrate and explain the art and science of Swedish and other massage styles.
•Hands-On Learning – Students work on one another in supervised classroom practices.
•Anatomy and Physiology – Active exploration of the body and its function.
•Business and Ethics – Learn proper communication essential for business and client relations.
•Marketing and Regulations – Covers the basics of marketing your services and obtaining a license.
•Student Massage Clinic – Participation in school’s supervised community massage clinic.